Introducing Rachel Busse, a writer and designer

Hi! I’m Rachel Busse, and I love to tell stories. I always have, and I don’t show signs of quitting any time soon. I love stories because when told well, they hold immense power to do good (and then some).

Storytelling takes practice.

Telling a good story–one that sticks to your bones and makes you want to be a better person–is hard! It takes time, effort, and a whole lot of love. You’ve got to be creative, sharp, and ready to pay attention. A little gumption with some moxie for good measure never hurts, either.

But beyond all that, separating the wheaty stories from their chaff-stuffed counterparts is all in the telling. And that telling is all in knowing your audience.


Portrait of Rachel Busse
You’ve got to be able to read a room.

I can. It takes lot of balancing and moving about to learn this complicated choreography. You’ve got to practice your steps and break it all down until you’ve got the perfect story for your listeners.

As both a writer and designer, I blend words and aesthetics to get the telling right.

Using both allows me to build a mood, set a tone, and craft content that both surprises and delights. You can read what I’ve written or take a peek at my design work if you’d like to get a taste for my style.

I should mention:

I’ve studied and practiced this stuff. I got my BA in English and creative writing and my BS in public policy economics; sometimes people think it’s a funny pair, but they’re really just two ways to go about explaining the choices people make. I went on to get my MA in English because I wanted the chance to dig into the greatest stories we have to learn from. I think it worked. I’ve also worked as a freelance designer on the side while getting my degrees, always adding to my skills. But if you want the nitty gritty, I suggest checking out my résumé.

Rachel Busse | 2018